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Chocolate shell cake, made to break!

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0422 943 272



Smash 'n' Grabs creates fun custom-made chocolate shell structures filled with sweets, that escape when the shell is smashed open. When the smash cake is SMASHed 'n' the contents are GRABbed - there will be smiling and laughter! 

In a range of sizes to suit any occasion, Melinda creates "one of a kind" designs for the South Australian market. Smash 'n' Grabs are FUN and SIMPLE to order. The Smash 'n' Grabs smash cake will be the talking point of your next celebration!!  Smashcake, smash cake or chocolate shell cake - what ever you call it, it's great fun to break!

Smash 'n' Grabs was originally inspired by the incredible work of Kylene Lovat, the founder of the Smashcake concept which started in Sydney in 2010. Together, Melinda and Kylene brought the concept of Smashcake to Adelaide, South Australia in 2017 and from here, Smash 'n' Grabs was born.

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