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Product Range


Choose from milk, white or dark chocolate.

All orders come filled with a delicious party mix.

Fillings can be customised.

chocolate heart pinata smashcake
Smash 'n' Grabs original disco dome smashcake
Smash 'n' Grabs soccer ball pinata smashcake
smash 'n' grabs original tiered smashcake
Smash 'n' Grabs Fruchoc stack smashcake
Number pinata smash cake for birthdays anniversaries and corporate
Smash 'n' Grabs Corporate smashcake

SnG Break My Heart

From "I Love You Mum" to "Marry Me", this SnG design is perfect for expressions of friendship or love. You can surprise that special someone by placing a note inside!!

Available in a 15cm and 20cm size, as well as the stylish rounded heart range. Prices start at $60.

SnG Dome

Say "Happy Birthday" or "Congratulations" with the SnG dome cake.  It can be customised to suit the occasion. 

Standard dome size is approximately 20cm, with larger sizes available to feed bigger crowds. Prices for the standard dome start at $75.

SnG Sports

For a birthday party or for a team celebration, the SnG Sports cake will suit your needs.  Balls can be tailored to suit for team colours, with a round and football shape available

Prices for the SnG Sports range start at $85.

SnG Big Tiers

For bigger gatherings, I have got you covered! Contact me to discuss your needs.  This two tiered creation, weighed in at over 4kg and would cater for around 40 people. 

SnG FruChoc-embouche

Launched on FruChoc Appreciation Day in 2019, this creation is not for the faint-hearted! Over 4kg in weight, standing approximately 30cm tall, this creation would cater for around 40 people. Can be made in a larger size.

SnG Numbers

Fun number design, great for special birthdays, anniversaries and for corporate celebrations. Each number is 27cm long and filled with delicious party mix. Topped with fun coloured beanies and a name, these numbers are priced at $85.  

SnG Minis

Perfect for showing your appreciation to members of your team, whether at work or in sport!! Miniature domes of fun, approximately 8cm in diameter, can be customised to suit. Minimum order number is 6. Priced at $18 each.


Smash 'n' Grabs Christmas pudding smashcake

SnG Christmas

It's that time of year again, and you want to make an impression. Smash into the Christmas season with a custom designed smashcake filled to the brim with sweets. The talking point of your next gathering!!  


Contact Melinda on 0422 943 272

or by email

to organise a smashcake for your next celebration.

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